Aligned Marketing

Looking for a deeper connection with your voice?

❧ Are you willing to grow and learn new things?

❧ Is it part of your company’s mission to make this earth a better place to live in?

Is your answer two times “yes”? Great! I’d love to work with you. 


Aligned Marketing

I love to help you find a marketing flow that is completely aligned with who you are. We’ll use a mix of calling and Human Design to go right to the core.

This is no regular marketing session. There will be shadows – we’ll dive into the things that block you from coming out of the closet fully. And there will be also lots of light, your light, your energy, your frequency – because that is the root of your most successful marketing.


What Bartjan had to say about his 2-hour Aligned Marketing session:


“I came with questions. They were so conflicting and so broad and so important for me to get answers to.. but this was a marketing session so I didn’t really dare to hope they’d all be answered. But then the session happened. And everything is reframed. And all my initial questions were answered, and more. And it’s amazing. It’s like I was wearing a cardboard box on my head (in order to protect myself), and she pulled the box off and now I’m more free. I understand more. And I would think that would be scary, but it doesn’t feel that way – it feels liberating.

If you feel the pull towards Ayla I want to encourage you follow it. I’ve been putting off doing a session with her for a couple of years because I wanted to have the perfect question and the perfect marketing case study. What I got was so much more, and I could have done this years ago and benefited from it all that time. Part of me is always wondering if spirituality is just whipped cream you can put on anything to make it look and taste good, but this session was knowledge transferred. The type of knowledge that reframes everything, and changes all the rules I felt previously bound to.

During the session at a certain point I had tears in my eyes from recognizing myself in her words. Her pointing out my exact talent, that gift of mine that I know is there but I found hard to pinpoint.

Thank you Ayla, I can honestly say what you shared with me will change my life.


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A two-hour session is 250 euros.
Send me message to see if this is the right fit & right moment.