Calling Resources

I’d like for everybody to find their calling.

Ships won’t sail out without a compass… why would we? I feel it’s time for humans to get their compass back.

I gathered all the calling wisdom on this page with love – especially for you.

See how a calling looks like

Calling is not about what you do, but about the energy you bring into this world. Energy wins from everything else, and this 1-minute video illustrates that beautifully. The video shows a snippet of a full calling session I gave online.

See how 10 callings look like

This is what lights me up…. other people lighting up! In the video, you see 12 radiant women I did a calling session with in December 2018. I made screenshots from the exact moment they found their calling, and this is the result.


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Find your calling

This tool brings two years of in-depth calling research together. It intuitively guides you towards your calling, when you just follow these steps. I received wonderful feedback from people who found their calling with just this tool. Disclaimer – you’ll need to have a basic contact with your feelings for it to work.

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If you like deep-diving…

I created a free Calling Initation. We’ve been so miseducated about calling, that I feel we could use some alternative voices. In this initiation, I open up my heart and mind to show you what connecting to your calling can do – and how that works.

PS It’s a one time thing. For seven days, you will receive an email from me every day. Then, it stops. I don’t sneakily add you to my mailing list. It’s a gift. I want to share this, because I think it’s invaluable information that should be at everyone’s disposal.

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Understand what calling really is

This article says it all – why calling is all about feeling, and not about doing. I wrote it with much love for Elephant Journal (if you want to share your – conscious -writings with a bigger audience, Elephant Journal is an amazing place to go).

Why did we even lose our purpose?

One of my artistic projects, a little fairytale that goes back to the roots of why we lost our purpose.