Find your calling

1 hour session to connect to your purpose in life

“It is not about what you can get out of life. It is about what can you give to life

~Anurag Gupta

Your Calling

Every person on this earth has a calling, but most people are unaware of it.

Your calling – or purpose – is more than your talents, it goes deeper. It is about who you are in your core.

It is your superpower, and it shows you the reason why you are here on earth.

And above all, knowing your true purpose can help you move through any decision in life…. yet only very few people really know it.

The Calling Misconception

There’s a big misconception about what a calling is. For example, we often think we have to wait until we have the perfect job or business until we can finally live our purpose. We think it is something we do in life, while actually, it is not at all about that.

Your calling is not about doing, but about feeling. It is something we can bring into the world every single moment of the day. See it as a very specific “signature frequency” we carry within, which helps you attract a beautiful and authentic life.

Want more details? Read my article to get a full grasp of this ‘new’ definition of calling, or look into all the free calling resources I gathered.

What it asks

Finding your purpose in life and committing yourself to live from that place transforms your life radically. However, it only works when you are open-minded, truly committed to growth, and when you already have developed a basic sense of self-awareness and self-knowledge.

I use the calling method as developed by Anurag Gupta, and added my own touch to it. He put 15 years of his life into crafting this body of work, and this has resulted in a powerful, effective and very elegant method.

What a calling looks like


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these are screenshots from the sessions, made on the actual moment people found their calling 


All of these reference are spontaneous and “unasked for”.











For whom
I actually fully  trust you in feeling wether this is something for you or not, because your resonance is key. If you feel a strong pull or curiosity towards this session, go for it. But if you think “maybe this could be nice….”, I’d drop it for now.

Finding your calling takes mostly 1 session, and occasionally 2. If you want a radical upgrade in your business and life, look into my Aligned Marketing offerings.

All sessions are done through online video chat (Zoom). You can install it here.

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A calling session is 195 euros and that includes everything (like taxes). Payment will be arranged in advance. The price of the session drops when you take it as a part of a menu.