How I found my calling

Why am I here?

For 10 years, I felt like a sailboat. A beautiful one, but one without a ship’s wheel.

I knew I was here for a specific mission, but I wasn’t fully sure which one. I just knew that it wasn’t something they teach you in school.
I had to invent it myself.

In a Split

First, there’s my love for writing. Ten years ago, my aunt asked me to write the texts for her coaching website. I loved it. She was doing beautiful things, and it felt great to help her reach more people.

Writing turned into marketing, and in 2014, my company Shine Online was born.

Then there’s my deep love for personal development. I followed all kinds of workshops, and life gave me some “free” teachings in the form of major peaks and valleys. This inspired me to start a personal development blog (

But… I felt torn between and Marketing seemed to be about the “outer world”, and personal development about the “inner world”.

When it all just clicks

And then, not too long ago, it all clicked. It was like an inner explosion of joy, that rippled outward in slow motion.

I am here to build a bridge between the inner and outer worlds.

“Outer world” marketing can only be truly effective when it is connected to your “inner world”; your self-knowledge and your calling. Fully living your calling and openly sharing it is the most powerful and magnetic form of marketing.

On the other hand, “inner world” companies like coaches and therapists can only be truly successful when they dare to shine their light in the “outer world”. Marketing can invite them to stop playing small, and to find their unique way of communicating their gift with the world.

My calling and mission

My calling is people experiencing unity. When everybody starts to shine their light into the world, I feel we will be closer to each other than ever before.

My mission is threefold:

1. to support as many people as possible to find their calling
2. to help them express this calling as clearly and brilliantly as possible (communication & marketing)
3. to further the spreading of enlightenment teachings (like the ones from Bentinho Massaro)

The sun never stops shining

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