Human Design Relationship Session

letting go of false expectations
creating authentic understanding
connecting deeper

“Relationships can be painful. Until you truly understand each other. What used to hurt becomes a portal into love.”

My relationship story

I am not sure if I would still be in my relationship if I hadn’t known about Human Design.

I know that’s a big thing to say, but the differences between us are also very…. big. Where he loves to plan, I love to leave things open to the very last minute. Where he gets drained when there’s too much doing on a day (Projector), I get drained when I’m not doing enough (Manifesting Generator). And where he prefers to be silent (open throat), I prefer to talk (defined throat).

Oh, and did I already tell you that at times, I can cling desperately to my partner? It’s simply my open spleen craving for the soothing energy that his defined spleen is radiating… (mixed with some childhood wounding)

Human Design brings us a deep understanding of our differences and patterns. And the beautiful thing is: the moment I fully understand why he is acting in a certain way – and maybe even more important, why am acting in a certain way – my heart opens. I have really come to experience how understanding nourishes L O V E.

Together, you are a new being

When you combine two Human Design charts, a whole new entity comes into existence. A new chart, the chart of your relationship. We will use this special Connection Chart for the session.

It can tell you in which places there is attraction (sometimes maybe too much), where the areas of compromise are, and the level of intimacy/freedom that suits your relationship best.

The session will combine precise knowledge and insights from the Connection Chart with more intuitive parts where we dive into specific dynamics and potential struggles you are experiencing.


example of a Connection Chart (from my relationship)

For Whom

A Human Design chart is the perfect energetic map that can bring you closer to your partner and to yourself at the same time. But it’s not some Harry Potter trick – it will ask quite a lot from both of you. When is this for you?

Both of you…

❧ want to step into a bigger version of yourselves and the relationship

❧ are excited about this session – it really takes two to tango

❧ have a foundational knowledge of Human Design (Type, Strategy, Authority & Centers) *

❧ have a pretty good basic awareness of your body and feelings

❧ are willing to deal with discomfort when it leads you to more intimacy

* when one of you isn’t versed yet into Human Design, it’s possible to book a preparatory Individual Session with 25% reduction in combination with this session


“Ayla’s Human Design couple session was beyond what I expected.
We went in wanting more clarity about the difference between us and how our energies work together. Ayla did an amazing job at guiding us closer to ourselves & each other in this call.

We received insights in our strengths and challenges, which I love to know! For example, when Ayla shared that our combined chart having three centers open, means we need plenty of contact with others and we will usually not feel like “we complete each other” (my words), that gave me a deep relief and recognition! Yes! We don’t need to be everything together, which makes a lot of sense for us.

What I loved about our call with Ayla was that despite learning technicalities about our charts, it also felt like she was guiding our energies, and this is what sets Ayla apart from other human design specialists in my opinion. Human Design is just one tool in her tool belt, and she uses it to make people shine!

Thank you Ayla!”

Marleen & Wolf


All sessions are done through online video chat (Zoom). You can install it here. After the session, you will receive a recording of the session.

A Human Design Relationship session is 300 euros and that includes everything (like taxes).
Payment happens in advance, upon booking the session. Cancellations aren’t possible (unless of course there’s an urgency). When needed, rescheduling is possible until 24 hours before the session.

The session takes between 1,5 and 2 hours. Please allow for generous time before and after the session, for optimal processing.

For those who want extra expansion
The more preparation we do, the deeper we can dive in the Relationship Session. I created a special package in which you both receive a Calling Session and an individual Intuitive Human Design Session in which we lay a beautiful foundation for the Relationship Session. There’s a special pricing for this one. When you’re interested, please message me at for all the details.

Want to be prepared?
Go through my blog about Human Design which explains you all the basics of your chart.


When booking a session, you’ll be asked for your birth date + time