Intuitive Human Design Session

becoming successful by being how you are
diving deep into your energy and personality blueprint

“The story of you is so unique that it has never been on the planet before and it will never be on the planet again

~Karen Curry

Your own truth

When it comes to personal development, I have a deep love for the tools that bring you back to yourself. That’s where the root is.

Human Design does exactly that. It gives you a precise energetic map of your own system. It’s incredibly powerful for sensitives & empaths, because we live in a world of energy! Human Design can show us exactly what kind of sensitivities we have, and just as important, what our (energetic) superpowers are.

With the help of Human Design, I have received a deep understanding of myself, including all my quirky sides. I also understand much better how my experience must have been as a young child, coming with this design into the world. And I have noticed that when I really understand myself… that is the bridge to self-love.

Now, I cannot imagine walking through the world without this knowledge anymore.

❧ It has probably saved my relationship (we are hugely different types, and Human Design helps to value our differences instead of starting a fight about it)

❧ It helped me to find my specific coaching talents

❧ It gives me a permission slip to be let myself not be rushed into decisions (I have emotional authority – if you have a different authority, this is different for you)

❧ It helped me untangling my wildly entangled energetic cords, and coming back to my own core

This and way more is what I wish for all empaths.

For Whom


❧ want to stop doing your business / life based on rules from outside, and switch to using your own compass

❧ are open to a (complete) new perspective on who you are

❧ are in touch with your feelings, body and calling (if not, a Calling Session is the perfect entrance)

❧ are self-motivated, and understand that one session won’t do all the work for you


“I have had the most amazing Human Design session with Ayla. It was an experience full of aha’s, releases, goosebump moments and realizations. It was the perfect permission slip for non-judgement. For accepting and embracing exactly where I am standing, for making peace with triggers and challenges. It gave me a feeling a self-appreciation that made me sleep like a baby that night. If you feel like diving into really fascinating and magical personality insights and to get to know yourself on a deeper level, book this session with Ayla. And another one, to find your calling.😊 Thank you, Petra

“My experience with Ayla on my Human Design Chart was very clarifying. Even more-so watching the playback of the call. So many ah-ha! moments now. Ayla is very intuitive, articulate and I felt she was experienced at looking at the nuances of my personalized chart.
From the insight I gained from the call with Ayla, I could easily give myself permission understand my motivations, quirks and challenges better. No longer do I harshly judge certain aspects of myself as a character flaw, something to label as “bad” or not enough….but instead I see it as part of my design. I embrace me even more.
I felt energized, hopeful, actually more confident and eager to implement what I learned. She gave me a detailed summary of the highlights from our conversation and also many resources for continuing education. It was an efficient move to get her expertise instead of spending another 10-100 hours studying the HD rabbit hole on my own. I highly recommend her for Calling coaching or Human Design chart explanation.” – Karissa


What’s the intuitive part?
In my sessions, I will always prioritize intuition over “this is what your chart says”. To me, balancing feeling and knowing is the key. We will immediately apply the information to your life. We’ll use Human Design as a door-opener, as a way make to more sense of the things you’re struggling with, and to see what’s needed to actualize your dreams.

I only embrace the parts of Human Design that resonate with my intuition – and I invite you to do the same.

I recommend almost everyone to first do a calling session, before diving into their Human Design. This comes from a perspective of integrity, and not from a sales perspective. It allows us to go so much deeper with Human Design, and move beyond just the mental level of ‘knowing’ your design. But in the end, I trust your intuition. If you feel that Human Design is the best start for you, go for it. Next to that, my sessions require a basic sense of body + emotional awareness.

All sessions are done through online video chat (Zoom). You can install it here. After the session, you will receive a recording of the session.

A Human Design session is 240 euros and that includes everything (like taxes). Payment happens in advance, upon booking the session. Cancellations aren’t possible. When needed, rescheduling is possible until 24 hours before the session. The price is lower when you take this session as part of a menu.

The session takes around 1,5 hours. Please allow for generous time before and after the session, for optimal processing.

Want to be prepared?
Go through my blog about Human Design which points you to a place where you can create your own free chart, and which explains you all the basics of your chart.


When booking a session, you’ll be asked for your birth date + time