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Practical Marketing Tips for Projectors

✺ Explore which social medium or other (online) environments you feel most seen and recognized in, or carry the most potential for that.

✺ Be a frequency snob when it comes to who you follow on social media (your focused aura penetrates, and when you penetrate the wrong things they come deeply into your field)

✺ Same goes for marketing & business influencers / gurus. Ask yourself: is it my mind who’s excited about what they can offer, or is this truly my Authority speaking?

✺ Be a queen, expect people to come to you. Generally refrain from hard selling and be careful with running after people for podcasts etc. Instead, keep your focus on aligning with your design and on refining your frequency

✺ Let your Authority run your marketing decisions, there’s no need for invitations for you to share

Dear Projectors,

No other Type is so much NOT built for manipulative marketing as you are.

(okay, to be fair, together with the Reflectors)

You are the queens of subtlety, nuance and depth…. and all those three qualities are heavily missing in our current state of marketing.

As you might know, as Projectors you take in everything very deeply with your laser focused aura.

This is a beautiful gift, but it can also be tricky when your laser beam starts to focus on unhealthy frequencies – like pushy marketing practices. This happens so easily, because the business world (and instagram) is completely saturated with these practices.

So right off the bat I want to assure you you are not in any way ‘broken’ when the regular marketing tactics don’t work for you.

It’s not you who are broken, but the marketing tactics themselves.

And you’re not here to play these old games.

You are energetic pioneers, who are able to show the world completely new ways of doing business & marketing

Marketing Detox

Step one of Marketing for Projectors is doing a big marketing detox. Apply Marie Kondo to everything you do and believe to be true right now about marketing.

Let’s take a few examples:

✺ “I need a freebie”

✺ “I should be visible”

✺ “My copy should be ‘professional’”

✺ “I should post regularly / consistently”

✺ “To start selling, I should have a website”

Do these rules feel in energetic alignment with you? Nope? Than….. goodbye!

Ideally, you end up with an almost blank slate. A white canvas, that’ll allow you to start painting your own marketing vision.


Depth is your love language

A Projector who starts embodying their depth is one of the most attractive things I can possibly think of.

You’re so rare and attractive, because you see things most other people don’t see

And we all learn from your endless energetic treasure chest.

But for others to be able to see your depth and come knocking on your door to receive it, first you’ll have to acknowledge and embrace your own depth and energetic qualities.

Projectors have to untangle themselves from any self-harming beliefs that tell them that their worth is determined by the things they DO.

What’s very interesting for you to look at:

✺ What are my energetic specialties?

✺ What do I see that most people don’t see?

✺ What am I super passionate about to study? (this can go way beyond books)

✺ How do I see myself work with subtle energies and perceive energy dynamics in a way most other people can’t do?

Whatever the answers are. DEEPEN that.

Allow yourself to be sucked up by black holes of learning and initiation. And share about it whenever you feel called by your Authority to do so.


The Invitation & Marketing

The good news: Projectors don’t need an invitation to share themselves with the world.

Even more good news: there’s not even a necessity to share yourself on social media. 

What this marketing game really is about, is energetic visibility & alignment

Your Human Design chart can help to show you the most likely places of energy leakage and energetic compromises, and help you build a stronger energetic signal.

And moving from a focus on doing to a focus on being will also do wonders for your energetic alignment.

The beauty of starting with you own frequency first is that once reconnected to yourself again, many of you will feel a genuine pull to share your treasures through a marketing channel. But this time, it won’t come from a place of “I have to”, but from a place of freedom.

When to share: Projector Authority

So if you don’t need an invitation to share, how do you know when to share? Your Authority will let you know. 

Splenic Projector
Share when you feel an intuitive hit to do so. Alternatively: share when your Spleen doesn’t give you a “no” or warning signal. Because the Spleen is all about safety, your yes might express as an absence of a ‘no’. Don’t be afraid to be quick and dirty, since you have an Authority that works at lightning speed.

Emotional Projector
Share when you’ve processed something emotionally, and when you feel a certain calmness + groundedness to share. In general, don’t share when you are hyper excited, or deep down in an emotional valley. Allow yourself to let your perspectives ripen.

Ego-Projected Projector
Share when you authentically want to share, and when your heart is in it. Notice what you say. When you hear yourself say: “It would be great to write about this”, that’s a sure-fire sign your Authority is on board with it. 

Self-Projected Projector
Since your are here to share your authentic Self with others, social media (or other marketing outlets) could be gold for you. Don’t reach for the final conclusion, simply share your thought process with us. Share whenever it feels aligned with who you are in the moment. With zero motors, keep checking your energy levels.

Mental Projectors
You are here to share your stories, ideas and insights with us, so social media (or other marketing outlets) could be phenomenal for you. Because being in the right environment is so important to you, choose your ‘marketing environment’ wisely. Where do you feel most seen honored and recognized? On Instagram, in your newsletter, on your website…? 

For bigger posts  / articles / videos, share when you are invited to do so. This way, you honor your precious energy resources. Before sharing, you can sample different energies for your post by talking about it with different people around you, and by moving through different auric fields. You can use smaller contributions like Stories as a way to get your own thoughts organized.

Human Design based Marketing Session with a Projector

Want to see all this stuff applied? Here you are! This is a live session I did with a 1/3 Splenic Projector with lots of undefined Centers. 

PS and here is my full Instagram post Marketing for Projectors


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