Marketing & Human Design

how to do marketing for every Human Design Type

On this page, you’ll find 4 Facebook Lives I’ve done around Human Design and Marketing. All of the videos (apart from the last one) are live sessions, in which me and a guest dive into their marketing based on their chart.  You’ll find a video for Manifestors, one of Projectors, one for Generators, and one of for Manifesting Generators.

Marketing for Manifestors

with Manifestor Eva Driessen

◎ How many empath Manifestors turn their anger inwards, and become depressed / heavy people pleasers (my hypothesis)

◎ How to decide whether you should be on Facebook or Instagram, or on neither of them. Hint: use your body.

◎ Promotion is overrated, authentic sharing underrated. How walking in nature can be your marketing.

◎ Doing marketing only works when you’re fully aligned with your products. When you hide an important part of yourself, or an important product you’re offering, that will block your flow.

◎ Look for the centers that are connected to your throat center to see what you are here to express

Marketing for Projectors

with Projector Nadine Ruiter

my message to Projectors:

Dear Projectors, you are magic creatures.

You are quite new here on earth – only since 1781, and you are here to become the new guides.

You are also here to bring in a completely new kind of marketing – one that is so much smarter and more efficient than the current marketing paradigm.

You can tune into energetics like no other, and this is the secret to your marketing and business success. By you becoming fully you, you create a magnetic field that is 10 times stronger than any pushy marketing tactic. You’ll draw in invitations from places you didn’t even know existed.

Marketing for Generators

with Generator Wilrieke Sophia

1min – 22min = finetuning her calling
22min – 35min = applying calling to marketing
35min – 41min = introduction to Human Design (HD)
41min – 48min = effects of open Head, Mind & Throat center
48min – 50min = should I have pre-programmed posts?
50min – 58min = the different authorities – focus on Sacral
58min – 1.14min = 4/1 profile & others
1.07m – 1.10m = why reaching more people isn’t a great goal
1.14m – 1.19m = find your MAIN quality in your chart
1.19m – 1.28m = how responding really works
1.28m – 1.38m = “I want to stop pushing myself”
1.38m – 1.49m = generators also get tired. the open root
1.49m – end = what your favorite food has to do with it

Marketing for Manifesting Generators

based on stories from Manifesting Generator Lone Haugland (go to the the original video on facebook to see her beautiful comments that add depth to the conversation)

Dear Manifesting Generators,

Your social media posts are not your marketing.
Your website isn’t your marketing.
Neither your newsletter.
*your marketing is your energy*
People buy from you because of the energy you exude.
This means that one of your smartest marketing moves = quitting all the things that don’t light you up.
Freeing up your magic lane.
Don’t chase after what you want.
Simply KNOW and feel what you want.
Then let it come to you.. and let your gut decide if this is still the right way to go.