Playful Money Masterclassss

non-linear + heart-based

19th of May



Moving from ‘money is complicated & polluted’…


building a relationship
with money that’s
simple, pure & flowing

this is an AND-AND course.

highly practical AND highly energetic


meeting money in a new way
not from a place of “i want to fix you”,
bur from a place of  “i truly would
like to get to know you”

getting balanced
money despair and money
hype are two sides of the same coin.
it’s only in the balanced midpoint
where we can make true
changes to our €-reality

getting ultra practical
embracing practical tools that
help you to nourish your money
relationship on a daily basis

dancing with our money shadows
why not? if we don’t include them
in the party, they’ll keep
running our lives

building grounded money confidence
going beyond the ‘money mantra’,
and diving deeper to connect
with that place of deep
trust in your money

reconnecting with our money joy
heyyy who said it all needs to be
serious? there’ll be an exercise
that will bring you full-on
in play mode

profit centers
finding out your best places to sell
from in your Human Design chart

abundance by Type
how generating abundance looks
like for every Human Design Type

This masterclass will help you to move into the energy of…

money EASE

money TRUST



d e l i v e r a b l e s
❊ 4-hour live Masterclass
-replay available-
❊ max group size 15 people
❊ one week of aftercare
❊ support through private
instagram account

i m p o r t a n t
❊ embodied empowerment over fairytales
❊ your body will know if this is the right thing for you
❊ hands might get dirty – I will set you to work
❊ the masterclass is non-linear. energetically,
it makes perfectly sense, but your head
might break a little

p r i c i n g
200 euros

When 200 euros is too big a stretch at the moment, there’s an option to pay 170 euros ♡
When 175 euros is not doable for you at the moment, there’s an option to pay 140 euros ♡

a f t e r w a r d s
❊ you have a feeling of
money overview again
❊ you know how embodied
works (as opposed
to ‘hype manifestation’, which
is as durable as cotton candy)
❊ you have inspiration to build a
new & joyful relationship with money
❊ money has become a skill you
can learn instead of “that thing
I’ll never grasp”

d a t e +
t i m e

Wed 19th of May
6pm – 10pm CEST
(9am – 1pm PST)

When the group reaches it max,
I might add another group
for the 10am – 2pm time

t i m e
i n v e s t m e n t

The Masterclasss will be 4 hours,
with a spacious break, visualizations
and lots of focus on our energetics
+ body to prevent draining

In the week after the Masterclass,
make sure to create three time
slots for yourself of around 1
hour to integrate the material.
(or one time slot of 3 hours)

I’m in

all payments happen through Paypal

There’s an A to your Q


Do you think I should join?
Uhm…. no. I don’t think anybody should join. When the motivation to join is fomo – “I need to join caus otherwise I’m missing out on something” – my advice would be to skip this masterclass. Listen to what is your body is saying. Is there excitement? An intuitive ping that this is right? Does the course feel good? Is it resonating with your own energy? Do you feel you simply desire it? Yes? Awesome! In that case, jump in 🙂

How does it work with the aftercare?
How beautiful is it to have some integration time? I will give you some powerful exercises you can work with after the Masterclass. I will elaborate on these exercises in the private instagram account you’ll get access to. This is also the place where you can share your experiences, and ask your questions. I will be actively answering your questions until the 26th of May, and the private instagram account will be accessible until 2 months after the Masterclass.

I can’t join at 6pm CEST…
I hear you. How about 10am – 2pm CEST Friday the 21st of May, would that work for you? If your answer is yes, send me an email at or an insta pm about this preference. Once I have enough people for this option, I will notify you. I wouldn’t recommend just going for the replay, most of the energetic magic will happen during the live session.


looking forward to see you there

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