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The Marketing Menu is back again!

The Session Menu

Michelin star soul food

You don’t want ‘just a session’.

You want depth.

You want to go to the core. 

These menus bring you right there.


I like to work in powerful, short bursts with motivated individuals. That’s why I work with 2- course & 3-course menus.

You can see every menu as a mini bootcamp. There’s sweat involved, discomfort, and breakthrough.

How does it work? Every menu contains two or three different sessions.

The ‘starter’ (first session) is always a Calling Session, unless you’ve already done one. The Calling Session brings the energetic foundation for the other sessions, and multiplies their effects.

The Marketing Menu 1

when to choose

೬ We’ve already worked before

೯ You’re very ready to dive into your marketing – see description of the Marketing Menu 2

The Marketing Menu 2

when to choose

೪ You want to stop following external ‘marketing rules’, and instead connect to your inner marketing guidance (we all have it)

೫ You’d love to feel excitement again about marketing

೮ You feel you have powerful messages and/or products to share with the world, but you know your expression is not yet as strong, embodied and carved out as it could be

ಐ You want to know what kind of website, which social media & what particular ways of sharing fit with your design

The Relationship Menu

when to choose

๚ You want to understand each other better, from a deep perspective

๔ You’d like to move to the next level of intimacy & connection with each other

ಒ There are a few things – repeatedly – not working out and you’d love to move beyond the confusion and annoyance

๕ You’d like to receive practical tips that will smoothen the relationship: the connection chart shows how much freedom you both need in the relationship, what ways of communicating work best, which ways of sleeping are most healthy, and how to best deal with the emotions between the two of you


These are the tasty menus I’ve got for you.

Which one calls your name? 

Menu 1

– Find your Calling / OR
1,5 hour – extended

– Intuitive Human Design Session
1,5 hours

2 hours

€ 440

Menu 2

Find your Calling
1 hour

Intuitive Human Design Session
1,5 hours

2 hours

€ 590


Find your Calling
1 hour

Intuitive Human Design Session
1,5 hours

Human Design Relationship Session
2 hours

€ 620


(click on the menu items to see the full description)


connect to the unique energy blueprint you have that can guide you from within – 1 hour
195 euros

Main course

receive your energetic user manual and use it to get clarity on current (marketing) struggles – 1,5 hours
240 euros


break through the barriers of marketing nonsense and create your own marketing recipe – 2 hrs
300 euros

deepen the connection to your lover – by truly understanding them – 2 hours  
330 euros

On the side

6 hourse of juicy Human Design videos, including several live recorded sessions
euros: you decide


“Ayla came into my life at a critical point in time when I was about to make a very serious decision with my business.  From the first email exchange, there was a spaciousness, sparkle and curiosity in her words that drew me in.  Hindsight is 20/20. Only now do I realize that I was about to drive myself into an unnecessarily difficult and outdated exploration of business and after two sessions with Ayla, my entire approach to business was course-corrected and aligned with deep passion and excitement.

She helped me get in touch with my deepest, more intimate desires as a human upon this planet and from that place navigate an authentic, simple and direct pathway to explore business.  It was a relief to finally hear that I didn’t have to do things anyone else’s way or listen to any of the ridiculous e-business hype that is so common out there.

Her work is not easy.  It will make you step up into your greatness and meet every aspect of your life with integrity and clarity.  For those who are prepared to meet life and business with 100% of their being, Ayla is for you.”


Menu FAQ

I’d like to book a SINGLE session, is that possible?
Nope 🙂

What are the ADVANTAGES of ordering a menu?
❧ I like deep work. A first session is often only a beginning, a door that opens to a new realm of possibilities. In the second session, we can start walking through that door, and explore this new dimension. The third session anchors the work that is done, and translates the energetic insights from the earlier sessions into practical steps.
❧ Plus: every menu has some extras. In between the sessions, you have the opportunity to reach out to me and receive support in your process. I will also reach out to you with extra resources.

How much TIME will there be between the three sessions from the menu?
Between 1,5 and 3 weeks. At least, that’s what I recommend. It gives your system enough time to integrate the insights from the previous session, and it’s short enough to be able to build on the foundation of the previous session. When you prefer a speedy bootcamp style, it’s also possible to have a session every week. Need a lot more time? Gotcha. You have a full year to plan your sessions.

I’ve already done a CALLING Session (or Human Design session), can I still choose a menu?
Definitely. If you’ve already worked with me before, The Marketing Menu 1 is a good option for you. This menu consists of two sessions. You can choose whether you start with a Calling Session or an Intuitive Human Design Session, depending on the session you’ve already done with me.

I see the Relationship menu only contains a Calling Session and Human Design session for one person. Can we have them for two people?
Would you like to book 2x the Calling Session and 2x the Intuitive Human Design Session, for both you and your partner? Beautiful. I have a special menu price for that option too, which will give you a €300 discount compared to when you’d book those sessions separately. Instead of 1200 euros, you’ll pay 900 euros for this Double Relationship Menu. Click here to order this menu.