Calling Journey Bonus Page

Hi dear, I am proud of all the work you’ve put into connecting with your calling.

We’re talking about something incredible deep here.

This is a sacred journey.

Don’t beat yourself up for not finding your calling yet. Just like in the Lord of the Rings, or any other hero’s journey, there are trials and tribulations.

On this bonus page, you will find 4 things:

How do I know if something is my calling?

Calling and Pain

This is a 6 minute video. Use the arrows on the right to go to the next part in the video.

–> Now, look again at the feeling words that resonated most strongly with you – your ‘yes pile’.

–> Did one of these words cause resistance in you?

–> Did you repress one of those feelings strongly in your life?

If yes, that’s a strong indicator that this feeling word either is your calling, or at least comes close to it.

Give yourself some time to acknowledge your own pain of (probably) not being fully received and seen as a kid. This might give you already more clarity about your calling.

4 great calling tricks

Make it playful

Pick the obvious

Magnify it

The sentence doesn’t have to make sense to others, only to you. When you’re getting too serious, try out a completely different Calling Sentence. Pick words that tickle you, so you cannot help but smile when you speak them out. When you think “this is getting too weird”, you might be going in the perfect direction…

The value of a feeling word might be so obvious for you, that you don’t understand this could be your calling. You think this would be everybody’s calling, because it feels so much like “duh” to you. I guarantee you, it’s not 🙂 We are all here on earth to bring something different.

You might be too careful when it comes to choosing your feeling words. Big callings are scary. When you were young, your caretakers were probably afraid of your calling – especially if it was a strong one, like “My calling is people feeling orgasmic”. Play with using stronger feeling words, and see how it feels.

Find synonyms

Sometimes, using a synonym makes everything click.

Am I meant to find my calling right now?

That’s a good question 🙂

And the answer is not always “yes”.

And now….

Animation Thank You GIF by MillMotion

…for taking this journey.