The Calling Meditation

This meditation will guide you to some key ingredients of your calling.

If you aren’t using headphones yet, this is the moment to grab them.

Now, are you comfortable? Belly free to breathe? Beautiful. Just sit back, and press the play button.

Welcome back to this reality again ?. Let’s take a look at what came up during this visual meditation.


Meditation Inventarisation

Please grab your pen and paper. We’re going to move through some deep questions.

You choose in which language you want to write.

If English feels best, go with English. If your native tongue feels better, go for that.

Step One  ?

Write down two or three things that really stood out for you during this meditation. Note down everything that felt significant or ‘different’ in any way.

Make it as long or short as you want.

We went into a different realm during the meditation. Writing out part of the experiences you had, helps to anchor the meditation in this (physical) reality.

Step Two ?

Make a simple drawing of your energy ball from the meditation.

Step Three ?

Now, it’s time to take out the scissors.

First, cut your paper in around twenty pieces. Or, if your paper is smaller than A4, use two papers to get the 20 pieces of paper. Here’s your cutting blueprint 😉



Secondly, answer this question: how did your ball of energy feel? Pick at least 7 different feeling words to describe the feeling, and write those words on your sheets of paper.

Is it hard for you to come up with the right words? Here are some examples – please pick only the ones that resonate, and feel totally free to come up with wholly different words:

joyful, calm, strong, loving, light, radical, clear, opening, tender, fiery, blissful, powerful, pleasurable, beautiful, like home, smooth, empty, infinite, dynamic, regal, soft, humorous, dancing, peaceful, alive, free, playful, divine, melting, creative, kind, “all is well”, ecstasy, unity, watery, fiery, earthy, pulsating, embracing, sparking, heart-opening…..

–> Pick your seven ‘feeling words’, and write each of them on a different little piece of paper.


Awesome Great Job GIF

Calling Journey completion

Already 33%

It’s time for the next level.