The Marketing



One session. Big inspiration.

my favorite new offering (previously called: line 5 consultations)

There’s a deep vision, full of passion. You start a business or marketing project, or you’re about to start it. But all of a sudden, there’s an emptiness. There seems to be an invisible wall.

I’m here for those of you who want to re-ignite the fire of their creative expression

This is how we do it

1 – connecting with your marketing essence

Before the start of the session, you’ll be invited to go through a “self-led journey” on my website. With the help of videos and audios, you’ll be guided to connect with your energetic core – your Marketing Essence. Knowing your Marketing Essence (or calling) in itself is already a big gift that can show you how to do marketing your way. And in this setup, it gives us the perfect preparation to go real deep in our 1-1 session.  

2 – getting to the heart of the matter

In our 1-1 session, the fire is on. You bring in one big marketing question, and I bring in a buffet of concrete + out-of-the-box marketing options that expand the field of what’s possible. But even more importantly, I support you to measure in an energetically precise way to what extent those possibilities resonate with your (Marketing) essence. This is all about you. Whenever I feel it’s relevant or empowering, I highlight parts of your Human Design chart that give us extra clues. 




✺ You’ve created a funnel and you’d like to optimize it

✺ You’ve written a sales page but you feel something is still missing

✺ You are creating a Patreon page and you get stuck while formulating the tiers

✺ You want to receive feedback on your social media presence + ways to improve

✺ You’re walking into a wall while building your online course and you don’t know why

✺ You are setting up a new business (project) and you keep walking in circles around how to name it

✺ You’ve created a beautiful promotional video and you’d like to receive (energetically) precise feedback

✺ You are working on a new 1-1 offering and have doubts about the setup: duration / medium / for whom / etc


✺ To benefit from my work, you’ll need to have a fairly strong level of embodiment

✺ My energy & focus are intense, and work well if you are an “all-in” kind of type

✺ Preferably: you already know the basics of your Human Design chart

✺ I work best with those who feel a deep resonance with my energy

✺ You feel a sense of ‘urgency’, a real desire for inspiration/clarity

✺ You are well-versed in the world of energy

The practical part

Duration of the sessions
preparatory self-led session: 1.5 – 2hrs
our 1-1 session together: 1.5hrs

Access to the preparatory session
you’ll receive access to the Calling journey (to find your Marketing Essence) 24 hours after booking your session.

This one vs The Marketing Initiation
The Marketing Initiation is my longer 1-1 journey. If you’re doubting between the two, my advice is to go with what feels best right now. It’s always possible to step into the Marketing Initiation after the Marketing Spark, they combine very well.

Booking requirement
You have a clear & practical marketing question. If you doubt whether your question fits this session, you can always contact me via or Instagram messages to check.

Price: €400

Anna Paczka

“Working with Ayla on my true calling was deeply touching my heart. Ayla’s work is full of light, and I could really go deep into integration. It helped me with knowing who I am, and with how to express my heart’s voice. I love her creativity and clear question during our session. Her heart is fully open. During the session something was activated, and after our work I started something completely new.

If you really want to find your true calling and be this, express and create from this place just meet with Ayla. Thank you my dear for who you are. For me, these sessions don’t have a price. Love, Anna”

Raymundo Resink

“I knew where I was going with my video, but something felt off, didn’t completely click, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Ayla put her finger on it. She showed me very clearly where I was on the ball and where I was side-tracking. I didn’t have to believe her — I felt the ring of truth.

Much more than valuable feedback, our session left me with an empowering sense of enthusiasm and ease. Ayla had helped me to reconnect with the essence of what it is I want to share with the world and of how I truly want to do that. From there, deciding on what to include in the video and what to leave out, became a walk in the park. Grateful!”