The Marketing



Calling journey + Live session

Human Design based guidance

Marketing can so easily become overcomplicated. Although I don’t carry the marketing answers, I can help you reconnect with your own.

Once you connect with your inner truth, the problem disappears

This is how we do it

1 – connecting with your marketing essence

Before the start of the session, you’ll be invited to go through a self-led journey on my website. With the help of videos and audios, you’ll be guided to connect with your energetic core – your calling. I’ve worked with this calling-finding modality for 7 years and it keeps on giving. It’s been at the core of my work since I found out about it. Knowing your Calling can show you on an embodied level how to do/be marketing – and all of your business – your way. It has also helped many people to get a stronger connection with their Human Design Authority. 

2 – getting to the heart of the matter

Next, it’s time for our 1-1 session. You bring in your marketing question / struggle / frustration, and I respond, reframe, and come up with out-of-the-box suggestions. But even more importantly, I support you to measure energetically to what extent those possibilities resonate with you. In support of that, I’ll show you how you can use your Human Design Authority as your personal truth-measuring device. This is all about finding the unique ways of expressing yourself and marketing yourself that work for you – and these ways are often very different from the marketing ideas we have in our minds. 




Anything marketing-related

and business-related is welcome,

as long as you pick one clear

question that we can go into.

It could be anything around your


website, social media, branding, (structuring

of your) offering, audience, launch, positioning,

being a Baker/Messenger, or how to translate

a certain part of your Human Design

into your marketing


And if you’re having a very

specific hangup with one of these

themes – bonus points! Those really

tend to turn on my gut.


If we have time left,

we can go into other questions.


✺ My energy & focus are intense, and work well if you are an “all-in” kind of type

✺ You feel a sense of ‘urgency’, a real desire for inspiration/clarity

✺ I work best with those who feel a resonance with my energy

✺ You already know the basics of your Human Design chart

(and if you don’t know them , you’re welcome to book

a Human Design Empowerment session)

The practical part

Duration of the sessions
Preparatory self-led session: 1.5 – 2hrs
Our 1-1 session together: 1.5hrs

You’ll receive a recording of our session together.

Access to the preparatory session
You’ll receive access to the Calling journey (to find your Marketing Essence) 24 hours after booking your session.

This one vs The Marketing Initiation
The Marketing Initiation is my longer 1-1 journey. If you’re doubting between the two, my advice is to go with what feels best right now. It’s always possible to step into the Marketing Initiation after the Marketing Spark, they combine very well.

Price: €350

Anna Paczka

“Working with Ayla on my true calling was deeply touching my heart. Ayla’s work is full of light, and I could really go deep into integration. It helped me with knowing who I am, and with how to express my heart’s voice. I love her creativity and clear question during our session. Her heart is fully open. During the session something was activated, and after our work I started something completely new.


If you really want to find your true calling and be this, express and create from this place just meet with Ayla. Thank you my dear for who you are. For me, these sessions don’t have a price. Love, Anna”

Raymundo Resink

“I knew where I was going with my promotional video, but something felt off, didn’t completely click, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Ayla put her finger on it. She showed me very clearly where I was on the ball and where I was side-tracking. I didn’t have to believe her — I felt the ring of truth.


Much more than valuable feedback, our session left me with an empowering sense of enthusiasm and ease. Ayla helped me to reconnect with the essence of what it is I want to share with the world and of how I truly want to do that. From there, deciding on what to include in the video and what to leave out, became a walk in the park. Grateful!”