The Fitting Room

Welcome in the fitting room!

This is the place where we’ll try on different callings, based on all the feeling words you’ve been collecting.

And after this fitting session, you are probably much closer to your calling – or you might have even found it.  

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I want to introduce you to a very important element of the fitting room, and that’s THE calling sentence. It looks like this:

Calling Sentence

“My calling is people experiencing X 

note: ‘experiencing’ could also be another verb 


My calling is people understanding that life is one big joke

My calling is people experiencing pure love

My calling is people embracing everything

My calling is people experiencing softness

My calling is people experiencing wonder

My calling is people being the light

My calling is people feeling whole

You are also completely allowed to use your native language.
Please translate the sentence as literally as possible. Here are two examples in Dutch:

Mijn roeping/calling is mensen die pure liefde ervaren

Mijn roeping/calling is mensen die alles omarmen

Little Note

“My calling is people experiencing …X…” is the sentence we’ll be using to formulate your calling. Don’t change this sentence, even though it might feel strange in the beginning.

Often I see people unconsciously switching to the sentence: “My calling is making people experience pure joy”, or “My calling is helping people to embrace everything”.

This gives a whooole different energy. Now the calling is not about being, but about doing. And that’s not correct. It actually creates stress, when you feel you have to let the whole world experience pure joy.

So please use the original sentence. That way, your calling is all about being. It’s the most powerful set-up.

your calling is a feeling…

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…let’s dive into it

Speak it Out

Discovering your calling

In this video, I will be explaining the steps that lead you to finding your calling. ♡

Simply listen all the way through, without acting yet. All the action steps are outlined below the video, and they will be more precise than the video.

PS do you find it hard to do this part with yourself? It could be helpful to ask a ‘witness’ (friend/partner/anyone who is close to you) to observe you while you are going through this part. It’s often easier for them to see when you’ve hit your calling (or resistance around your calling).


Step Eight ?

Put all the little pieces of paper with feeling words in front of you.

Now, fold them all in two.

Step Nine ?

–> Randomly, pick two of your paper pieces and open them. Pick your favorite.

Tune deeply into your body, and ask yourself: “Which of those two feeling words am I more attracted to?” Forget about which one you mentally like, go with your body or gut and pick one.

–> Now, throw away the piece of paper with the word you didn’t choose

You can create a clear ‘bye bye pile’ on your left for this purpose – away from the other feeling words.

Step Ten ?

–> Create a calling sentence with the feeling word you picked.

For example, if you picked ‘peace’, your sentence could be “My calling is people experiencing peace”, or “My calling is people being peaceful”. Here’s a little reminder of the sentence structure: My calling is people [verb] [feeling word]

Create it the way you like it, but keep it short.

Step Eleven ?

–> Speak the sentence you just created out loud. Say it.

If you want, you can close your eyes. And – don’t just think it in your head, this won’t work 🙂

–> After saying it, feel what the sentence does with you.

Move your attention to your heart and lower body (beneath the head) as much as you can. Take 10-30 seconds for this. Really let the sentence sink in, like a pebble that you throw in a pond.

Step Twelve ?

Measure the feeling the calling sentence evokes in you.

Does it feel ‘cold’ / neutral? Or ‘lukewarm’? ‘Warm’? ‘Hot’? It doesn’t matter what your mind thinks of the sentence, only how your body reacts to it.

–> When speaking out the sentence gives you a neutral feeling, throw it on a ‘bye bye pile’ on your left. It’s not your calling.

–> When the sentence gives you a mild sensation (lukewarm), put it in a ‘backup/maybe pile’ in front of you.

–> When the sentence stirs a strong reaction in you – either positively or negatively – , put it in a ‘yes pile’ on your right.

Note: resistance is also a strong feeling, i.e. when you think “This is definitely not my calling”. Strange but true: experiencing resistance is often a sign that you’re coming very close to your calling


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Step Thirteen ?

Skip this step the first round

–> Rank your ‘yes pile’. Which feeling word resonates most?

All the feeling words on your ‘yes pile’ are potential callings for you. Every time you add a new piece of paper to that pile, put them in order of magnitude. Put the one that resonates the most in your body on top, next the one that resonates most after that, etc

Step Fourteen ?

–> Now, simply go through step 9 till 13 again for the next round, until you’ve gone through your pieces of paper

Or until a sentence hits you so strongly, that you know it’s your calling.


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Look at the feeling word on top of your ‘yes pile’, and remember the Calling Sentence you made with it.

Does that Sentence feel great, and like home?

Does it feel expansive, and slightly challenging?

Can you feel it in your bones and cells? 

Congrats!! You found your Calling.

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Calling Journey completion

You made it!!! 100%

Feelin’ some doubt?

Still not fully sure?

Not feeling it’s hitting the right nerve yet? 

I got you.

Visit the bonus page
it will offer some additional resources.