The Calling Journey

connecting to that
what truly matters


Are you ready to dive in? Ready to connect with the energy that is uniquely yours?

Expect the unexpected. Many people in my sessions are very surprised, once they connect with their calling.

Here’s a little 1-minute message for you:


Tools you’ll need on this Journey

❧ Earphones

❧ (Colored) pens and sheets of (A4) paper

❧ Scissors

❧ Speakers – bluetooth speakers are awesome, but the speakers of your computer/smartphone will also do

The Phases of this Session

The Calling Journey will take around 1,5 hours.

The Journey consists of three different phases, and I will take you through them step by step:


ONE  Calling Meditation

TWO  Your Tune

THREE  ‘The Fitting Room’

Ready for the Calling Meditation?