A l l

of you

in your life + business

(they’re deeply connected)

Human Design can help us remember what we came here to express and who we came here to be

It’s about reconnecting with our truth.

 and about getting to see all the places we repress it, minimize it, or adjust it to accommodate the other.

I used to call this marketing, but I dropped the label.


A. I care just as much about you showing up as yourself in your daily life, as in your business.


B. 99.99% of marketing advice is about trying to change yourself so that you can offer what ‘your audience is looking for’

I’m here to support people to stop changing themselves, and help them see and embrace the richness that’s already present within them.

Being at home within myself is my favorite feeling

What a realization! I wasn’t insecure for decades because I needed to perform better or relate better. I was insecure because I wasn’t operating as myself.

This changed when I started to honor the energetic ‘rules’ of my being.

I’m here for those of you who don’t just want to know their own inner truth, but also want to feel it.

And yes, we can talk about your business. About your relationships. Your marketing. Your life. They can be phenomenal mirrors.

What if.. the primary function of our businesses and relationships is to teach us more about who we are?



diving into your
Human Design chart
to empower who you are

one session,
a big leap

new name + focus
for this journey
coming up

the basis of it all:

Human Design

I love Human Design. I love its practicality, and its ability to visualize the energetic world. But most of all, I love how it points people toward the home in themselves.

A place they can feel grounded, secure of themselves and relaxed in their being.

My Human Design chart gave me the map toward that home, which was a great start. But it’s been using the map and living my design for years that actually b r o u g h t me home.


Most of the hurry & pressure has gone.

I’m not putting others above me anymore.

I’ve started to enjoy the process of life coming to me.

I don’t feel like I need to arrive ‘somewhere’ anymore.

I’m saying yes when I mean yes, and saying no when I mean no.

I’ve swapped generic business standards for my own inner standards.


“The deep sense of permission and spaciousness that Ayla offered was like medicine for my soul.”


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