A new
way of

based on being

Human Design can show us our most natural ways of expressing ourselves

It starts with letting go of all the external marketing rules and all the things we think we “have to do”.


This creates space to recognize and embrace your unique way of expression – both verbally and energetically.


And ultimately, it allows you to let the marketing happen through you.

no pushing ♡

Simply becoming aware of your conditioned voices and relaxing in your own voice and frequency

(very challenging for the mind though!) 

Welcome, beautiful person

Do you feel home in your business and in the way you’re going about your marketing?

How would it feel to let go of all the pressure to express yourself in a certain way?

There’s no right or wrong way of doing marketing

There are just some ways of
marketing that will work for
you and some (probably many)
that won’t work for you.

Recognizing that can lead to an inner marketing revolution



a pre-recorded session
+ 1 live session

a 1,5-month journey | 3 sessions
or a 3-month journey | 6 sessions

all based on

Human Design

Human Design combines two elements I love a lot: practicality and energetics. Since the core of marketing is all about energy and how to work with it on a practical business level, marketing & Human Design feel like the perfect marriage.

It shows you how you are built to express yourself, where your light shines the strongest, and all the places it might have been blocked.

I don’t use Human Design as a “guru” who tells you “what you should do”. I’ve had a big guru chapter in my life, and it’s not where I found my truth. This tool can do something much better: supporting you to reconnect with the wisest parts within you. Deep down, you already know your (marketing) truth. It’s a matter of recognizing it.

New release! I’ve created a website around the Human Design resources that touched me the deepest, you are very welcome to check it out and you’ll find it here.

“The deep sense of permission and spaciousness that Ayla offered was like medicine for my soul.”



“In a session with Ayla, you’ll understand the joy of playing with marketing, whether you’ve never felt that joy before or thought you’d lost it.”


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