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Playful Money Masterclass


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“When I signed up for Ayla’s Marketing Menu, I was in a multi-year marketing rut. I had piles of beautiful books sitting in a warehouse with only a handful of sales to friends and family. The problem was that I didn’t feel any oomph or drive to try and sell the books. Nor did I know where to start.

My first session with Ayla was like a beam of light.

That might sound corny given her calling, but it’s true. Her clever exercises, powerful visualization coaching, and deep discussions, plus the downright fun nature of the session left me feeling (for the first time in years) like I could actually imagine myself selling. I saw how playful, how energizing it might–just might–become for me. Marketing was on the table as an option again.

It wasn’t until after our third session that I actually cracked open Instagram for the first time in ages. That session was a wild ride of conversation where Ayla helped me use my gut to “try on” and see what felt right for me in social media and marketing as places to start. Since then (it’s only been a month), I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of formats online: posts, stories, polls, videos… and having actual fun with it.

We even ran a promotion, giving away our book at a deep discount, and SOLD OUT of our 1600 copies!

I’m not saying that if you sign up for a session with Ayla that you’ll sell out of your inventory. But I do believe that if you feel drawn to sign up for a session or course with her, that you should do it.

You’ll understand yourself better. You’ll understand marketing better. And you’ll understand the joy of playing with marketing, whether you’ve never felt that joy before, or thought you’d lost it.


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