= daring to be seen


= daring to be valued

what I’m working on right now:

Light Codes


Welcome, beautiful being

I know you have a powerful message to bring

How would it feel if it could flow through
you freely?

I know you are not just a
‘regular person’

How would it feel to come out in all your wildness & exuberance?


“She helped me get in touch with my deepest, more intimate desires as a human upon this planet and from that place navigate an authentic, simple and direct pathway to explore business.”



“My sessions with Ayla were like beams of light. That might sound corny, but it’s true. Her clever exercises, powerful visualization coaching, and the downright fun nature of the sessions left me feeling (for the first time in years) like I could  imagine myself selling again.”


“The deep sense of permission and spaciousness that Ayla offered was like medicine for my soul. It was as if her soul was speaking to my soul energetically, and she honored the quirks and gifts of my specific design through her actions and way of being, which never went unnoticed by me. And I so greatly appreciate that level of conscious connection and awareness in relationship. Few things feel more wonderful, in my humble opinion!”


n e w s l e t t e r

my newsletter is literally a newsletter

I send it around three times a year. It’s the place where you first hear if I launch a new offering.