“Every single fiber of truth and wisdom can be found in yourself”


[here could’ve been a long story about how I transmuted my shit, became super lit and “you can do it too”]

But no.

Let’s stay here and now.

What can I say?

I adore life. Every singe piece of it.

I adore the ups.

And I adore the downs.

And no, there’s not “one secret way” to come to this place.

The moment you start thinking that you HAVE to walk this specific way to be able to find yourself, you are actually lost.

My main intention is to activate YOUR wisdom.

To guide you back to the place where all the answers come from.

From this place, big problems in your life all of a sudden look very doable.

From this place, you can build a truly flourishing business.

And from this place…. you can shine your light.


About Ayla

Lives in Amsterdam!

Went left, right, under & upside down in different spiritual, emotional and personal development communities. Then found out that though very helpful, none of them carries the answers.

The Calling work & Human Design gave her the keys to her own kingdom.

Her biggest life-hack is not to focus on what she wants to get out of life, but on what she wants to give to life.
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