Decode your Human Design chart

Type, Centers, Strategy, Authority and Profile – the best resources

Ooookay. Before we dive into your chart, it might be nice to know what Human Design is. 

ONE – One of the weirdest and most awesome tools I know

TWO – A blueprint of your authentic self

THREE – An energetic map that gives you a language for what you’ve been always feeling but never were able to put your finger on

I love its’ practicality. How to sleep best, eat best, make the right decisions, how to communicate in a way that you’re heard…. it’s all in there.

And what I love most about it: Human Design supports you to follow your own compass, and to deeply understand how much your system and compass differ from those from other people.

Do you want to radically follow your own path, and stand in your own truth?

You might like Human Design.

The amount of information in your chart can be overwhelming at first. I hand-picked my favorite resources for you, so you don’t have to get lost in the Google jungle. 

Enjoy ♡


This is where the journey starts….

YOU WANNA NERD OUT – Genetic Matrix is my favorite chart maker, because it offers so much detail. Basic charts are free. Deep info like your ideal way of eating (Determination), ideal Environment & Connection Charts are accessible for around €5 / month.

YOU WANT IT PRETTY – By far the most aesthetically pleasing charts can be generated at Here too, you will find some of the more advanced information like your Digestion (Determination), Strongest Sense (Cognition) and Environment.

YOU WANT EXPLANATION – At, you’ll immediately get a free explanation of the main elements of your chart.



Now, it’s time to understand your Human Design TYPE

If you want to thrive in life, intimately getting to know your Type is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

❧ shows you your energetic set-up + aura


❧ explains the manifesting style that suits you best


❧ reveals your best way of interacting with others

let’s start with a short summary of each Type:


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click the arrow to flip through the slides

now, let’s go more into depth

I’m a Manifesting Generator   30%

You are a powerhouse, always looking for the shortest way from A to B. You love doing doing several things at once, and this is good for you. But – your success doesn’t come from initiating – just like the Generator, you’ll have to wait for the right opportunities introduce themselves.

Read what it means to be a Manifesting Generator

And I’d also read this blog for the basics

I’m a Generator  36%

You have tremendous sustainable energy, and are truly meant to do what you love. Of all types, you have the biggest potential for mastery. And when you wait till the right opportunities pass by, you can have an incredibly satisfying life.

Read what it means to be a Generator

I’m a Projector  22%

You are a master of observation, and your observations can be very valuable for the other Types. As a Projector, you have less energy than the (Manifesting) Generators, but please don’t judge yourself for it. You have your own way of manifesting, which is based on attracting the people that can truly see your wisdom and talents.

Read what it means to be a Projector

I’m a Manifestor  10%

Mover & shaker! You have the energy to start things, unlike the other Types. Which by the way doesn’t mean you are a great finisher ;). You have a unique ability to know which ideas and projects need to be brought into this world. But don’t forget to rest in between, because your creating energy comes in bursts.

Read this Manifestor wake-up call

I’m a Reflector  1.5%

You are the wise elder. With the reflection of all your open centers, you are a beautiful barometer for society and the people around you. Your identity is fluid, and you’ll need to take a lot of time to make your decisions. Choose your relationships and environment wisely, because they have a lot of impact on your well-being.

Read what it means to be a Reflector


Centers are the secret to true understanding of your chart. They are the building blocks. They show you what you’re uniquely sensitive to (undefined Centers), and what energies you are sending out in this world (defined Centers).

and here’s a visual overview:

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Take your chart and look at all the centers (squares and triangles) that are colored in.

Those are you defined centers. The color itself is irrelevant, but the fact that they are colored in is super relevant. Now, go (back) to the blog I mentioned above, or simply flick through the Instagram post above and specifically read up on the defined centers you have.

❧ The defined centers are a constant in your life. They are always ‘turned on’, so you always have access to the specific superpowers of that center.

❧ All the white (undefined) centers in your profile will only be ‘turned on’ when you are in contact with others, thus you cannot reliably count on this energy. These are the places where you generally pick up the most conditioning.

❧ In general, the more centers are colored in, the more ‘fixed’ your identity will be, and the more centers are white and undefined, the more fluid your identity will be. There’s no good or bad, we need both.

Wanna go deeper…?

On this website, you’ll find an elaborate description of every single center. Be warned: her writing is infused with emoticons, funny remarks, and beautiful visual references – I love it, but it won’t be everybody’s style.


Up next: one of the most important parts, your Human Design STRATEGY

This has been the hardest parts of Human Design to tackle for me, and also one of the most rewarding. Every Type has a different Strategy. Your Strategy is all about how to approach life in a way that brings flow instead of friction.

For many people, their Strategy feels counterintuitive at first, and brings up resistance.

Nobody told us we have strategies that might differ wildly from the ones our parents have. We live in a culture that tells us everybody works the same: “if you want something, go get it”. This is truly ironic, because in Human Design, 90% of us are absolutely not meant to “go get things”.

Important note: your Strategy only works when you use it in combination with your Authority – see next section 5.

Waiting to Respond

No pushing needed. No initiating things needed – it won’t work. Your aura is made to attract things and people to you, and your gut will know whether it’s attracted to them or not. The only thing you have to do is fire your mind as the main decision-maker, and let your bodily gut response guide you through life.


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Waiting for the Invitation

For all the big things in life – career, moving, love – Projectors are meant to wait for an invitation to do so. This can be really challenging in a world that encourages people to go out and manifest sh*t. That’s why I encourage all Projectors who are new to Human Design to connect with fellow Projectors who are successfully living their Strategy, so their soul can start to trust this weird-sounding but oh so effective Strategy.

Read here about Waiting for the Invitation (explanation starts halfway the article), and watch the video below from Projector Jenna Zoe for specific examples how invitations can look like – and how not.

To Inform

Informing simply means ‘telling others what you are about to do’. As a Manifestor, you and your aura are making a big impact. If this impact comes unannounced, it can bring up a lot of resistance in others around you.

Informing is not something that comes naturally to Manifestors, and many of them are afraid to be controlled by others when they use their strategy. However, the opposite is true.

When you learn to become incredibly transparant about where you are going, what you’re about to set in motion and also which things are not working out for you, instead of resisting you, people are way more likely to support you. You can be the mover and shaker that you are, but in peace.

Introduction to Informing

Informing Deep Dive

Wait a Lunar Cycle

This is probably the weirdest sounding strategy: waiting a full month before making any (major) decision in life. Since all your centers are open, you don’t have a reliable energy hub to always fall back onto. The planets and people around you will temporarily switch certain centers off and on, and this can be a huge potential source of wisdom for you. The moon is especially valuable to you, because it will go through all the 64 gates within one month (approximately 3 a day). But yes, it takes some time to be able to integrate the wisdom from all those temporary activations, and that’s why patience is key for you.


AUTHORITY – our guide for decisions in life

Authority is all about the best way we can make decisions. Decisions are always made from the body, and never from the mind. The mind is only here to help others.

Strategy and Authority are a couple, please don’t divorce them :). They really need each other. And for the best marriage, also add the understanding of your Type.

Sacral Authority   your gut knows

If you have Sacral Authority, your Strategy and Authority are very much alike. You’re built to make in-the-moment gut decisions, and do the things you’re pulled towards – often without fully mentally knowing why. For a quick way to clarity, let others ask you yes/no questions.


Emotional Authority  wait, baby

For most of my life, I’ve held the belief that I should respond quickly to questions, proposals and (Whatsapp) messages. Human Design put all of that upside down. I have emotional authority, which means I’m not built to decide in the moment, but to sleep at least one night over decisions. Practicing now, and it feels so much better than rushing myself! If you want to go more in-depth, read this interview about Emotional Authority.


Splenic Authority   trust your intuition

Splenic authority is all about trusting your instinct and intuition. The spleen is the most ancient center, it helps us to survive in the here and now and bring us more well-being. Your best decisions are lightning-quick, based on the subtle signals of the spleen.

Ego Authority do what you truly want

In your case, being selfish is actually a good thing. When there’s a decision to make, check what’s in it for you. Feel into your heart region wether your willpower will be available when you go into this direction or not. When you do what YOU want, everyone else will benefit from it.


Self-Projected Authority talk things out

You will learn what is the best thing to do for you in the act of speaking / expressing yourself. Find yourself some good sounding boards (people) who you can speak to without them trying to give you all kinds of advice. Expressing yourself is your sacred way to connect to your inner knowing and compass. PS this is a beautiful instagram post about Self-Projected Authority.


Outer / Environmental Authority tuning into your environment

Being in the right place with the right people is crucial for you to make the right decisions. Why? With all your openness, you will base your decision on different energy samplings you take from the people around you. Eventually, you will find something that feels correct from all the different angles. This instagram video explains it beautifully, listen to the part between 3min – 8min.


Lunar Authority   wait a lunar cycle

If you have a great resource for this authority (an article, video or podcast), let me know! I didn’t find it yet.


Human Design PROFILE – the role we’re playing in the game of life

This is a really fun and insightful part to read. Your profile tells you a lot about your character, the ‘costume’ you wear during your life. Here’s a great introductory article about profile.

all profile texts derived from the great introductory book Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be by Chetan Parkyn


Human Design BOOKS

Ready to dive deeper? I created a list with my favorite Human Design & Gene Keys (a system based on Human Design) books. It’s a one-time email, no strings attached.

mail me at and I’ll send you my list ♡

you’ve made it!

Since you made it all the way to here, I might as well share my a few of my own most valuable Human Design insights.

❧ Human Design is awesome, but I never let it reign over me. I let my intuition and resonance guide me.

❧ I honor both my finite and differentiated self that walks on this world, as well as my infinite self that is beyond conditioning and always pure. Human Design can help me understand the first.

❧ Becoming myself takes time. There’s no need for short-cuts. (according to Ra Uru Hu, the Human Design founder, it takes 7 years to free yourself from old conditionings)

❧ I take the Human Design guidelines as an experiment, not as written-in-stone truths.

❧ I use Human Design to access more freedom – the freedom to be myself. Whenever it makes me feel like a victim of ‘bad/unhappy traits’, I drop it for a moment, or turn to Gene Keys to see the higher purpose of every Shadow.

❧ Human Design is not for everyone.

I created this article based on my excited response and the depth that came out of my Solar Plexus cauldron.

If you are interested in my guidance, I intertwine Human Design with business & marketing. Here’s more info. Intuitive, embodied and to the point are the keywords for my sessions.

If you have any suggestions for great resources, please mail them to me via