Diary of a 6/2 Generator

Mary Ann: “This is the story of the first 10 years of my experiment. Although it is primarily the story of a Generator, it is really a story of deconditioning. And how difficult it is to wait. The shattering, fears and pain are part of the process that all types encounter when they begin their personal experiment.

It is also a story of wonder and delight as I began to uncover and discover my true nature.

This book is for people who have been touched in some way by this incredible knowledge. In ancient times, individuals of the tribe would pass on their experiences by telling stories around the fire. It was verbal. Although this is a book, I am not an author. I am simply a tribal storyteller.

As you read, please remember, this is simply my story of what I passed through in the experiment of living my strategy and honoring my inner authority. It is not the story. We are each unique and have our own unfolding process to live. And we each have a story to tell. This is mine.


“This is my all-time favorite Human Design book, because of the impact it had on me. With her story, Mary Ann inspired me to start living my design, instead of just reading about it. She has shown me that by doing “nothing”, the most amazing things can come into your life. My mind didn’t trust it before, it always wanted to pull me to ‘do more’ and ‘be more’. (and still does) But, an opening has been created. I’ve tasted through her frequency the liberation of not needing to go anywhere and I have a strong response to sharing her frequency with others”

– Ayla, 5/2 emotional Manifesting Generator


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✺ All proceeds go to Mary Ann. I just love this book and there’s a deep joy for me in sharing it with others.

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