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Dutch interview

ஐ Waarom je helemaal niet dagelijks zichtbaar hoeft te zijn
ஐ Het verschil tussen ‘grijpende’ communicatie en energetische communicatie
ஐ De waarde van mensen ontvolgen
ஐ Waarom ik (de interviewster) mijn nieuwe programma nog niet heb uitverkocht
ஐ Het verschil tussen ego-gedreven business doen, of vanuit alignment

Magnetic Marketing & Finding your Calling


ஐ How to use your human design energy type to market
ஐ Why its time to stop caring about the “marketing rules” and instead share your gifts
ஐ Why marketing is a mirror
ஐ Working with your subtle energy powers to market
ஐ What it means to share your frequency
ஐ Can you still be in love with what you do, without the hooks of outcomes and results

Your Light is your Marketing


ஐ Why doing shadow work is super important in our marketing
ஐ Why it doesn’t really matter what marketing tools or networks you use
ஐ But what really matters instead when it comes to sharing yourself, online and live
ஐ The value of sharing your struggles online (and when to do it)

Authentic Marketing


ஐ What is this obsession about presenting ourselves better than we are?
ஐ How can Human Design help you with your way of marketing?
ஐ What marketing question should each Human Design Type ask themselves?
ஐ Are job titles still relevant?