Marketing My Way

a 10-day non-linear course on instagram

marketing based on your Human Design chart

1-10 March – in your own time


Moving from ‘this is the way marketing should be done’…


embracing the unique
marketing codes that are
already living within you

this is an AND-AND course.

highly practical AND highly energetic

Juicy things we’ll dive into

s u n +
g e n e k e y s

Your biggest gifts

o p e n n e s s
Your Visibility Shadows

c i r c u i t r y
Are you here to Empower, Share
or Care & Connect?

m e r c u r y
Your unique communication style

t h r o a t
Your specific communication qualities

a u t h o r i t y
How to make the right marketing decisions

t y p e
How to find peace, satisfaction, succes & wonder
in your marketing

v a r i a b le
Are you a holistic or strategic marketer?

d e f i n i t i o n
How to make impact in your own way

p r o f i l e
Your marketing Archetype

p r o f i t . c e n t e r s
How to sell authentically

G – c e n t e r
Personal Branding

This course will help you to move into the energy of…

Marketing in FLOW

Marketing with AUTHENTICITY

Marketing from a place of FREEDOM

S e t u p
❊ Daily 1 to 2 thought-provoking & inspiring posts on a private instagram account
❊ You engage with the course by responding to the posts & engaging in exercises (when it resonates)
❊ Also: Cool challenges
❊ & short videos

Your time investment:
30min a day, for 10 days

(you can also do the course later than
1-10 March, but it’ll be most powerful
to move through the course in this time frame)

I m p o r t a n t
❊ It’s an experiment – that’s why I
can give you this beautiful accessible price point
❊ Only join if you feel moved to do so – tune into your own authority 👻
❊ It’s an active course, are you willing
to put in 30 minutes a day?
❊ Non-linear warning: the course
will be set-up in unusual ways

P r i c i n g

10-day insta course, 6-month access

until the 25th of February – €33
after the 25th of February – €44

10-day insta course +
2-hour live group session

10th of March, 7pm CET – re-watchable
a unique chance to ask your questions &
integrate + ground all that you’ve learned in the course

until the 25th of February – €55
after the 25th of February – €66


Date & time
1 – 10 March

❊ you pick the times you want to engage
❊ learning benefits will be greatest
when engaging within the 10-day course time frame
❊ access to the learning environment for 6 months


Yes, gimme

There’s an A to your Q


Do you think I should join?
Uhm…. no. I don’t think anybody should join. When the motivation to join is fomo – “I need to join caus otherwise I’m missing out on something” – my advice would be to skip this course. Listen to what is your body is saying. Is there excitement? An intuitive ping that this is right? Does the course feel good? Is it resonating with your own energy? Do you feel you simply desire it? Yes? Awesome! In that case, jump in 🙂

I don’t know much yet about Human Design, can I join?
T o t a l l y. I will get you up to speed with good Human Design resources. The course includes two digital books that will give you a beautiful introduction into all most important parts of your chart. And within our learning environment (the insta account), you have the space to ask questions about the parts of your chart or certain concepts that still puzzle you.

Do I need to finish the course before the 10th of March?
Nope! You could potentially do the course whenever you want, up to 6 months after the start. However, you’ll receive the strongest imprint & boost when you participate during the set 10-day time frame. From 1 to 10 March I will be available to answer your questions in the learning environment, which is a great opportunity for you to receive customized advice. When you decide to start later, the content will still provide a lot of value – but it’ll be a fully self-led experience without interaction.

looking forward to see you there