What others say


“I came with questions. They were so conflicting and so broad and so important for me to get answers to.. but this was a marketing session so I didn’t really dare to hope they’d all be answered. But then the session happened. And everything is reframed. And all my initial questions were answered, and more. And it’s amazing.

It’s like I was wearing a cardboard box on my head (in order to protect myself), and she pulled the box off and now I’m more free. I understand more. And I would think that would be scary, but it doesn’t feel that way – it feels liberating.

Part of me is always wondering if spirituality is just whipped cream you can put on anything to make it look and taste good, but this session was knowledge transferred. The type of knowledge that reframes everything, and changes all the rules I felt previously bound to.

During the session at a certain point I had tears in my eyes from recognizing myself in her words. Her pointing out my exact talent, that gift of mine that I know is there but I found hard to pinpoint. Thank you Ayla, I can honestly say what you shared with me will change my life. 💛”



I’m very impressed with your qualities.
Within 1 hour, you helped me find what I couldn’t find whole my life.



It’s not about Ayla. That’s her trick in my view. She lights up when you express / shine your highest excitement (business or personal) in the most authentic and fun way and that’s why her guidance / mirroring / productions are so juicy and valuable.